Why You Should Visit Myanmar During Green Season

Imagine walking along the superbly green paddy fields of Myanmar, with a cool breeze that embraces your skin and a tranquil environment without the unwanted crowd noise. No dust that suffocates the air and hinders the view – only a series of breathtakingly beautiful verdant landscapes to treat you! Did you know that you could experience a completely new level of vacation in Myanmar during the Green Season? Destination Myanmar invites you to book a visit during this fantastic season!

Myanmar’s “Green Season” happens from the month of May until September. It’s a time when there’s only 25 percent chance of rainfall in areas such as Bagan, Mandalay, Northern Shan state, Inle Lake and Kalaw – all of which is Myanmar’s hottest tourist attractions. You can absolutely take full advantage of these tourist spots and let your eyes feast over wonderful sceneries sans humidity and rain drizzles. The weather during the green season isn’t too hot nor too cold, so you can wander along the green fields or trek on to the mountains without worries. Additionally, the beauty of the Green Season is that it’s also a time when the number of tourists isn’t as huge. Think of it as a way for you to save yourself from an exhausting crowd of fellow tourists blocking your view. Travelling during the Green Season allows you to take your time in appreciating the location’s serene surroundings. Oh, and have we mentioned that it’s an amazing season for food explorers, too? Fruits and vegetables are at their best during the Green Season!

Destination Myanmar offers cheaper travel packages for the Green Season as we believe you can truly enjoy the country and make the most out of your budget during this time. Whether you’re into exploring the bustling city streets or hopping on to forest adventures, Destination Myanmar has got you covered this amazing season.

  • Stainable for local community because they will get year-round income.
  • Cheap hotel deals
  • Cheap flight deals
  • Fruits and vegetables are at their best during the Green Season!
  • the number of tourists isn’t as huge, less crowded
  • longer daylight which means longer time for sightseeing. Sunrise early, late sunset.
  • excellent value for money

Let us book you for this wonderful journey. Know more about our Green Season Tour packages here