Why You Should Explore the Pristine Islands of Mergui Archipelago

Untouched tropical forests, serene crystal beaches, astonishing wildlife – if there’s one paradise on earth you absolutely need to visit during your Myanmar travel, that would be the Mergui archipelago. It’s one of the last archipelagos in the world which features pristine beauty, with its islands being amazingly preserved of its natural grandeur despite today’s environmental modernization. Mergui archipelago is located in the Southern part of Myanmar, stretching from Kawthaung to Maung Ma Khan Islands.

What sets Mergui archipelago apart from most beach destinations across Asia is its secluded location. Its beauty largely lies on unspoiled territories and the native tribes living in it. With around 800 islands encompassing the archipelago, you may end up getting overwhelmed on which ones should be your next beach destination. Destination Myanmar is a tour company in Myanmar that can provide the best travel deals that will make your Mergui archipelago exploration one of the books!

Awei Pila Resort in Pila Island

Awei Pila Resort is an eco-chic luxury located on the northernmost beach of Pila Island; a secluded beach bordered by an astonishing deep forest. If you are dreaming of a luxurious beach getaway, there’s no doubt that Awei Pila Resort is going to instantly enamour you.

Main Attractions and Activities in Awei Pila Resort

  • See the breathtaking panoramic view of Andaman Sea
  • Luxurious and minimalist suites structured with timber and fabric
  • Indulge in scrumptious delicacies and drinks in the open air bar and restaurant
  • Swimming pool that blends continuously beyond the beach
  • Diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Paddling
  • Rejuvenate your senses with the resort’s premiere spa
  • Jungle-trekking/hiking
  • Fishing with the locals on a traditional boat
  • Campfire BBQ Dinner
  • Sunset Cocktail
  • Explore Moken village and eat lunch in a traditional house
  • Learn delectable cuisine in cooking classes
  • Beach butler services

Kyun Phi Lar

Also known as Swinton Island, Kyun Phi Lar is one of the largely uninhabited islands in the archipelago that takes pride in its colorful coral reefs, long stretch of white sand beach, and impressive array of palm trees. As it is an island that’s not fully developed commercial-wise, it’s a great destination for those who want to experience a relaxing beach escape closer to nature.

Main Attractions and Activities in Kyun Phi Lar

  • Snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking and beach bonfire
  • Scrumptious seafood freshly fished from the sea
  • See and appreciate the island’s beautiful wildlife
  • Quiet environment as it is not vastly popular to many tourists
  • Scenic boat trips to get an idyllic view of the beach
  • Awe-inspiring sunset view
  • Explore mangrove forests
  • Visit island temples and local gypsy villages


Myanmar Andaman Resort in Macleod Island

Just like Pila Island, Macleod Island is also a secluded beach destination with a luxurious eco-lodge for those who prefer top-tier resort accommodation. Myanmar Andaman Resort is a prominent island retreat in Macleod island that features great amenities and splendid views. As the island is not as huge and crowded like most popular beaches, it gives travellers a private island vibe.

Main Attractions and Activities in Macleod Island

  • Diving, Snorkelling and Kayaking
  • Mini Spa for pleasurable and relaxing massage treatments
  • Enjoy delicious cuisine and refreshing cocktails in the resort’s bar and restaurant
  • Scenic boat ride to see the panoramic view of Andaman Sea
  • Romantic sunset view by the beach
  • Explore the aviary to see different kinds of beautiful birds
  • Island hopping

Myauk Ni Island
Myauk Ni is also known as Red Monkey island. Its location is just 40 minutes away from Kawthaung, Southern Myanmar. This beach also takes pride to its beautiful white sand, crystal clear blue waters, stunning ocean life and tranquil surroundings. This island is also popular for being a place where many sea gypsies wander.

Main Attractions and Activities in Myauk Ni Island

  • Snorkel to observe the island’s breathtaking underwater life and colorful corals
  • Budget-friendly accommodations are available in Kawthaung
  • Scuba diving
  • Experience fun sports by the beach like soccer and volleyball
  • Meet sea gypsies and learn about their nomadic lifestyle
  • Day trip island hopping (check Myanmar Day Trips packages here – insert link)
  • Forest trekking

There are a lot more to explore on this beautiful archipelago. If you’re up for a much exciting and immersive adventure for your Myanmar travel, Destination Myanmar will let you discover the best of what Mergui archipelago has to offer for you. Whether you’re into a relaxing beach getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime island adventure, Destination Myanmar has got you covered.