Myanmar is a place that has countless of wonders to offer. While the country is prominently popular for its breathtaking array of ancient pagodas, its beauty does not end there. A vast coastline surrounded by palm trees, pristine white sand, and crystal blue waters – Myanmar beaches are something you should definitely add in your

Untouched tropical forests, serene crystal beaches, astonishing wildlife – if there’s one paradise on earth you absolutely need to visit during your Myanmar travel, that would be the Mergui archipelago. It’s one of the last archipelagos in the world which features pristine beauty, with its islands being amazingly preserved of its natural grandeur despite today’s

Imagine walking along the superbly green paddy fields of Myanmar, with a cool breeze that embraces your skin and a tranquil environment without the unwanted crowd noise. No dust that suffocates the air and hinders the view – only a series of breathtakingly beautiful verdant landscapes to treat you! Did you know that you could